Fleet performance 2.0

As mentioned in our previous sustainability report, we are focusing heavily on data collection systems and providing tools to support our operations and crews in order to optimize the operation of our fleet.

This year we have jumped up to another level, by developing a new portal to support our business in order to ensure efficient voyages. We have named this portal TOP (Tactical Operations Platform).

This new portal integrates data and information from several platforms into one. The portal gives us real time insight in the vessel’s location, operational status and the weather she is currently sailing in. It even allows to have a look backwards and forwards in time, which helps to learn from our experiences and to improve our planning as well. The portal also tracks the performance of the vessels, using digital twins, which enables us to assess performance loss at an early stage, due to for instance fouling, upon which information we can decide to clean the vessel to bring down raised fuel consumption. The planned route of the vessel is also synced to shore, which enables greater insights in the vessel’s schedule and allows us to optimize the operations. It also creates better understanding for the routing decisions being made. Lastly, an alerting system is implemented so that an operator is notified whenever an exceptional situation occurs. The TOP portal has fortified our basis for optimisation of the operation of our fleet; reducing fuel consumptions and increasing operational efficiency. The portal will be further developed over the years, to offer ever greater insights.